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Population size and reproductive success of California Gulls at Mono Lake, California, with emphasis on the Negit Islets

An annual project of Point Blue (formerly the Point Reyes Bird Observatory or PRBO) since 1983 with funding from the Mono Lake Committee and others. Yearly reports online since 1992 with the exception of 1994. Some reports have different formatting from the original. For reports not online (1983-1991 and 1994), contact Dave Shuford at Point Blue.

2020 Report (2MB)

2019 Report (2.2MB)

2018 Report (2.1MB)

2017 Report (1.6MB)

2016 Report (1.5MB)

2015 Report (1.3MB)

2014 Report (1MB)

2013 Report (839K)

2012 Report (1MB)

2011 Report(944K)

2010 Report (456K)

2009 Report(220K)

2008 Report(207K)

2007 Report (430K)

2006 Report (408K)

2005 Report (170K)

2004 Report (104K)

Spring 2003 Mono Lake Newsletter Article summarizing some results from 2002

Seasonal and Diurnal Variation in the Diets of California Gull Nestlings at Mono Lake, California from 2000 to 2002 (1MB)
May 2004 By Justin M. Hite, Peter H. Wrege, and David W. Winkler, PRBO Contribution No. 1018

2003 Report (105K)

2002 Report (51K)

2001 Report (20K)

2000 Report (27K)

Spring 2000 Mono Lake Gull Research Update
By Nataniel H. Taylor, Justin Hite, and David W. Winkler

1999 Report(42K)

1998 Report (42K)

  1997 Report (31K)
(Completed September 1997)

  1996 Report (34K)

  1995 Report (32K)

  1993 Report (51K)

  1992 Report (64K)


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