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Data Summary Index, Partridge Interview

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p 1,2 (Part) Parker Creek channel location, flows

p 3 (Part) Pebble sizes - Parker Creek

p 7,8 (Part) Springs on Cramasco Property

p 11,12 (Part) Marsh area on Cain Ranch from irrigation

p 12 (Part) Spreading water created springs near Rush Creek



p 2,3 (Part) Willows - Parker Creek

p 10 (Part) Description of Grant Lake before increased size

p 14,15 (Part) Description of Lee Vining Creek, aesthetics, vegetation, riparian band

p 19 (Part) Lack of willows on "A" ditch



p 3 (Part) Sagehen, deer, rabbits - Parker Creek, Cain Ranch

p 14 (Part) Sagehen - Cain Ranch marsh area

p 22 (Part) Fish in "A" Ditch when they cut the water off



p 4 (Part) Irrigating - Cain Ranch

p 4 (Part) Cattle - Cain Ranch

p 5,6 (Part) Grazing east of Benton Road (Hwy 120)

p 7 (Part) Cattle rounded up in October - Mono Basin

p 8 (Part) Ranches near Mono Lake, south shore

p 11 (Part) Irrigation from "A," "B," and "C" ditch

p 12,13 (Part) Cattle ranches in the Mono Basin

p 13 (Part) Sheep in the Mono Basin, Bodie Hills

p 23 (Part) Power Co. sold the property, and the cattle




p 5 (Part) Swimming in "A," "B," and "C" ditches

p 16 (Part) Swimming in the ditches

p 15,16 (Part) Swimming, walking around Mono Lake



p 8 (Part) Negotiations between DWP and power company over buying property along lake

p 8,9 (Part) Controversy over ownership of Cramasco property

p 9 (Part) Power Company acquired land to sell to DWP

p 17 (Part) Mono Lake medicinal water heals sores on cow

p 22 (Part) Horses at Mark Twain Days