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Data Summary Index, McPherson Interview

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p 1 (McPher) Duck hunting - Mono Lake

P 6 (McPher) Duck hunting - west shore, Mono Lake, Sammann Springs

p 34 (McPher) Moonlight boat rides - Old Marina, Mono Lake

p 58 (McPher) Duck hunting - Simon's Spring

p 65 (McPher) Digging up worms for fishing - Rush Creek

p 84 (McPher) Fishing for trout off a boat - mouth of Lee Vining Creek

p 96 (McPher) Skating ponds - Thompson Ranch



p 1 (McPher) Duck populations (spoonbills, mallards) - Mono Lake

p 2 (McPher) Duck populations - Mono Lake

p 3,4 (McPher) Waterfowl feeding on bloodworms - Mono Lake

p 58 (McPher) Duck populations - Simons Springs

p 59 (McPher) Canada Geese - Mono Lake

p 79 (McPher) Mallard, blue-winged teal, green-winged teal, cinnamon teal, and swans - Rush Creek



p 2 (McPher) Watercress, algae plumes - Mono Lake

p 11,12 (McPher) Giant jeffrey pine - Paoha Island

p 16,17 (McPher) Vegetation - Grant Lake Reservoir

p 19 (McPher) Willows, buckberries - west shore, Mono Lake

p 65 (McPher) Watercress - Rush Creek meadows

p 74 (McPher) Balm of Giliad - Mill Creek, Lee Vining Creek

p 78 (McPher) Watercress beds - Rush Creek meadow

p 84 (McPher) Large willows - Rush Creek meadow



p 2 (McPher) Sandy beaches - Mono Lake

p 9 (McPher) 1923-24 high water mark - Mono Lake

p 10 (McPher) Stream bed - Rush Creek

p 16 (McPher) Elevations - Grant Lake Reservoir

p 21 (McPher) Heart Lake, Dollar Lake - Paoha Island

p 26 (McPher) Discussion of lake level - Mono Lake

p 27,28 (McPher) Rush Creek Mutual Ditch

p 31,32 (McPher) Walker, Parker creeks irrigation - Cain Ranch

p 35 (McPher) Parker, Walker creeks confluence

p 36 (McPher) Bootlegger Springs near Grant Lake Reservoir

p 38 (McPher) Rush Creek Mutual Ditch irrigating near Mono Lake

p 38,39 (McPher) Lagoons - Sulphur Ponds

p 40 (McPher) "Model of Mono Lake Drainage Basin Showing Watershed of and Land Use Under the Rush Creek Irrigation Project, Mono County, California" by Fox and Miller

p 49 (McPher) Springs - Tufa House, southeast shore, Mono Lake

p 50 (McPher) Irrigating on Benton Road meadow - Rush Creek

p 51 (McPher) Springs and Rush Creek irrigation

p 52 (McPher) Creeks going dry from irrigation

p 57 (McPher) Mono Lake level near Simon's Spring

p 70 (McPher) Streambed, gravels - Rush Creek

p 71 (McPher) Flows in Mill Creek, Wilson Creek

p 72 (McPher) Gravel sizes - Mono Basin streams

p 78 (McPher) Springs - Rush Creek meadow

p 82 (McPher) Deep water, overhanging banks - Rush Creek

p 89 (McPher) Brown water in the fall - Mono Lake

p 96,97 (McPher) Flows - Mill Creek



p 4,5 (McPher) Bloodworms, bands of brine flies - Mono Lake

p 6 (McPher) Sand fleas - creeks

p 7 (McPher) Barnacles - Mono Lake

p 7 (McPher) Swallows - Mono Basin

p 15 (McPher) Gulls nesting - Paoha Island

p 29 (McPher) Wildlife, insects, birds - Paoha Island

p 41,42,43 (McPher) Grouse - North shore of Mono Lake

p 44 (McPher) Chukar - Mono Basin

p 44,45 (McPher) Beavers imported - Mono Basin

p 45,46 (McPher) Mountain beavers (Aplodontia) - Tioga Pass Road

p 46 (McPher) Deer populations 1920's, 30's - Mono Basin

p 47 (McPher) Antelope at the turn of the century - Mono Basin

p 48 (McPher) Quail below Hansen's property (north shore) - Mono Lake

p 60 (McPher) Rattlesnakes - Mono Basin

p 61 (McPher) No-See-Ums arriving in the spring with the sheep - Mono Basin

p 61 (McPher) Gull populations - Mono Lake

p 63,64 (McPher) Dawson - Mono Lake birds

p 80 (McPher) White pelicans - Mono Lake

p 88 (McPher) Eared grebes, western grebes - Mono Lake

p 99,100 (McPher) Avocets - Mono Lake



p 22 (McPher) Corn - Paoha Island

p 53,54 (McPher) Grazing - Mono Basin

p 88 (McPher) Shrimp Plant - Mono Lake



p 7,8 (McPher) "Venita," Wally's boat - Mono Lake

p 9 (McPher) Old Rush Creek bridge

p 12 (McPher) Wally's father wrote letters to Yosemite - Lee Vining Falls

p 13 (McPher) Oil prospector - Paoha Island

p 14 (McPher) Dodge Point - Tioga Road

p 17 (McPher) Goats - Paoha Island

p 18 (McPher) Boulder Lodge - June Lake

p 20 (McPher) John Von Blon

p 20 (McPher) Fair Winds to Java - Mono Lake

p 25 (McPher) Wally's grandfather - Owens Valley

p 27 (McPher) Rush Creek Mutual Ditch Company - discussion

p 30 (McPher) Jack Preston, Bill Rector, Wallace Beery, Elsie Brand

p 31 (McPher) Lula Sexton

p 33 (McPher) Geological Survey book by Russel

p 52 (McPher) Crater School (Farrington School)

p 59 (McPher) Paiutes wintered at Warm Spring

p 66 (McPher) Tioga Wolf - locomobile up to Gibbs Lake

p 66 (McPher) Packing trout to Gibbs Lake in milk cans on mules

p 68,69 (McPher) Mono Craters Tunnel

p 70 (McPher) Hitchiking with caught trout - Mono Basin

p 81 (McPher) Old John Dondero

p 82 (McPher) Rush Creek bridge

p 88 (McPher) Shrimp Plant - Mono Lake

p 92 (McPher) Conspiracy of DWP land acquisitions

p 93 (McPher) Bodie Mike