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Data Summary Index, Hess-Andrews Interview

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p 2 (Hess) Ponds - Rush Creek

p 3 (Hess) Spring - Dondero Ranch

p 3 (Hess) Spring - Simon Springs

p 3 (Hess) Pools - Warm Springs

p 5 (Hess) Spring - Nay Ranch

p 5 (Hess) Spring - Lee Vining Creek

p 6 (Hess) Irregular flow - Lee Vining Creek

p 6 (Hess) Depth of Rush Creek

p 6 (Hess) Spring - Rush Creek

p 6 (Hess) Irregular flows - Lee Vining Creek

p 7 (Hess) Ponds - Rogers Ranch

p 7 (Hess) Springs - South Tufa Area

p 8 (Hess) Springs - north shore of Mono Lake

p 8 (Hess) Springs - northeast corner of Mono Lake

p 8 (Hess) Kirkwood Spring flows

p 9 (Hess) Springs - Bridgeport Canyon

p 10 (Hess) Lagoons - Rush Creek

p 10 (Hess) Flooding and ponds below The Narrows - Rush Creek

p 11 (Hess) Flows - Rush Creek

p 14 (Hess) Depth of Rush Creek



p 4 (Hess) Vegetables grown at Camasco (Dondero) Ranch

p 4 (Hess) Alfalfa at Conway Ranch

p 4 (Hess) Willows and alfalfa below Best Western Hotel

p 11 (Hess) Alfalfa and cattle at Conway Ranch

p 11 (Hess) Sheep along Rush Creek



p 2 (Hess) Ducks - mouth of Rush Creek

p 3 (Hess) Canvasback population - Simon and Warm Springs

p 6 (Hess) Ducks - Rush Creek meadows

p 8 (Hess) Ducks - Kirkwood Springs

p 11 (Hess) Ducks - Rush Creek bottomlands



p 9 (Hess) Sagehen, deer, and mountain lions

p 12 (Hess) Mountain lions, bobcats at Rush Creek

p 13 (Hess) Fish sizes - Rush Creek

p 14 (Hess) Fish sizes - Lee Vining Creek



p 3 (Hess) Swimming at Old Marina

p 3 (Hess) Swimming at Mono Lake

p 9 (Hess) Ice skating - Sulphur Ponds

p 12 (Hess) Swimming - "A" ditch

p 13 (Hess) Swimming with eyes open - Mono Lake

p 13 (Hess) Diving for pennies - Mono Lake



p 5 (Hess) Old sawmill - Lee Vining Creek

p 5 (Hess) Paiute home near Lee Vining

p 6 (Hess) Reeds for Paiute baskets - Rush Creek

p 9 (Hess) Herding jackrabbits near Mono Lake - Paiute

p 10 (Hess) List of residents along Rush Creek

p 13 (Hess) Selling gull eggs in Bodie - Captain John, Paiute

p 13 (Hess) Herding fish into Mono Lake - Paiute



p 3 (Hess) Watercress beds - Warm Springs

p 3 (Hess) Willows - west shore of Mono Lake

P 4 (Hess) Lee Vining Creek fire

p 6 (Hess) Ponds of watercress, grasses, and willows - Rush Creek

p 7 (Hess) Watercress and grasses at springs - South Tufa Area

p 8 (Hess) Cottonwood trees - mouth of Mill Creek

p 11 (Hess) Willow patches - Grant Lake Reservoir